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3-Year-Old Care in Western Springs, IL

As your child reaches the end of toddlerhood, the time comes when you need to start thinking about his or her education in a formal academic setting. While some parents decide to wait until their children are old enough for kindergarten to begin school, others opt for a preliminary introduction to education to start the learning process as early as possible.

At Grand Avenue Preschool & Daycare, the programs that we provide as part of our 3-year-old care in Western Springs, IL, are designed to prepare your child for their academic future. When you decide to enroll them in prekindergarten classes at this important age, you’re giving them the gift of an educational head start that many of their peers are not fortunate enough to experience.

Our 3-Year-Old Preschool Provides a Solid Foundation for Your Child

After you drop off your 3-year-old at our daycare center each morning, we begin the day with hands-on activities and table games to introduce all of our students to one another. Our 3-year-old preschool services also encourage physical and mental engagement that fosters the development of motor skills which they will employ throughout their lives and academic careers. When you make our center your destination for preschool education, we sharpen every aspect of your children’s creativity to help them develop into well-rounded social and intellectual individuals who have a successful plan for the road ahead.

Comprehensive Educational Solutions from Our 3-Year-Old Daycare

All of our 3-year-old daycare programs are based on a special combination of factors to create the most nurturing environment possible for your child. By mixing personal interaction with physical activities and introducing each child to new academic concepts, we facilitate a comprehensive educational experience at every level. We expose each child to a variety of subjects that will foster their mental growth, including art, music, math, science, and reading.

Children Playing and Painting in Western Springs, IL

Creating Lifelong Learners with Our 3-Year-Old Pre-K Program

When you pick up your little ones from our 3-year-old pre-K program each day, they will have learned a wide range of new lessons that build upon their ever-expanding educational foundation. Our main goal is to instill a lifelong learning approach in every child who visits us, so our center will serve as a starting point for the remainder of their lives and academic careers. Make us your choice for the educational experience that your children need to reach their full learning potential.

Contact us when you’re looking for 3-year-old care. We serve children and families in Western Springs and LaGrange, IL.