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The staff of Grand Avenue Preschool & Daycare provides a positive learning environment and a stimulating educational curriculum that is designed to foster your child’s creativity and enhance their specific intellectual abilities. The main goal of our child center is to nurture a sense of self-esteem and independence for each child, and to build a foundation for future learning by establishing a positive first impression at our school.

We believe that each academic curriculum should be scientifically proven as the most suitable and successful for each child. This is why we ensure that the social development process is enhanced with hands-on education and interaction with peers. We're commited to creating an enjoyable academic experience. Thus, each classroom features a bright and open learning space with all of the necessary resources to facilitate a positive learning atmosphere.

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Our Curriculum

All of our educational programs are specifically designed to maximize each child’s learning potential, while simultaneously enhancing their social skills and behaviors. Our specialized curriculum is tailored to meet every child’s needs by synchronizing activities and educational tasks at their individual pace to ensure a proper early childhood development.

It also facilitates a balance between quiet times and activities to distinguish academic tasks from comfortable relaxation. With every lesson that we teach our children, we ensure that they are able to learn the joy of self-discovery and the pleasures of social interaction.

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Contact us when you’re looking for a child center. We serve children and families in We serve children and families in Western Springs and LaGrange, IL.