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Summer Camp Program in Western Springs, IL

When your family is searching for a fun summer camp program in Western Springs, IL, be sure to visit us at Grand Avenue Preschool & Daycare. All of our summer camps are led by members of our full-time staff, who are certified to perform CPR and First Aid.

With more than 35 years in business, we have decades of experience in crafting safe and fun camp environments. We have a variety of camp options to choose from, depending on which days work the best for your family’s schedule.

Bug in a Jar in Western Springs, IL

Our Adventure Summer Camp is Your Destination for Fun

If your family is looking for a fun-filled summer experience that is physically challenging, then come visit our adventure summer camp! This is your chance to get your kids outside of the house and away from the television and video games. Our camps provide an opportunity for everyone in the family to use their brains instead of letting them rot away staring at screens all summer long.

Give Your Kids Some Fresh Air with Our Preschool Summer Camps

Our preschool summer camps are designed for children ranging in age from three to five, with attendance options for half-day, mornings, and evenings available. We provide entertaining activities that combine the engagement of gross motor skills with fun-filled themes that keep the attention of your children all day long.

Signing Up for Our Annual Summer Camp Program

Each summer camp program operates on a first-come, first-served basis, with tuition fees due at registration and no refunds for cancellation. Every first-time visitor receives an exclusive summer camp T-shirt, and every returning child is given a special bracelet. That way, they’ll always be able to remember the special times that they had with us at our summer camp program long after the sunburn fades.

Learn More about All of Our Exciting Summer Camp Programs

All of our summer camp programs are based on a special theme that is designed to engage the attention of your children. Previous camp theme titles include “3, 2, 1. …Blast Off!” “Animal Adventures,” “Mini-Olympians in Motion,” “Land Before Time,” and “California Dreamin’.” Each of our themed summer camp programs is two weeks in length, and parents may choose either one camp or multiple camps. Snacks are offered during each camp, so your little ones will have the energy to keep up with the fun challenges and activities that we provide.

Contact us when you’re looking for a summer camp program. We serve children and families in Western Springs and LaGrange, IL.